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Best Headlamps & Flashlights For Camino De Santiago

Best Headlamps & Flashlights For Camino De Santiago

What Are The Best Headlamps and Flashlights For Camino De Santiago?

Greetings Peregrino & Peregrinas, and Welcome back to our latest Camino Tip, Trick & Hack! Today you are instore for a truly enlightening episode I promise!

Join us as we take a look at different lighting ideas to suit your daily, and nightly needs all along the Camino! Included with this is a KILLER Hack that will take your trip to the next level! Seriously, this is one of my personal favorite hacks and one that really, REALLY did change the game for me. Best of all, it's cheap and simple!


Albergue Micro Bunk Red LED Light: Pith Helmet:

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