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Shell Toucher Albergue Micro Bunk Red LED Light| Every Pilgrim's Friend! | 12 Lumens, Lightweight & Reusable


This Light Will Get You Karma Points For Sure!

The Albergue Micro Bunk Red Light is a considerate, convenient take on the classic "Squeeze Keychain" flashlight design. However this one features a luminous, yet soft on the eyes, Red LED light. Oh and it also offers a slide On/Off switch for hands free operation with a flick. [Which means no more stressful biting down on a light as you use your two hands freely!]

Other features include replaceable battery (Included:  2 x CR2016) and a quick release clip that easily attaches to your jacket, backpack, sling bag, bunk, keychain, etc.

Why Do I Need This?

  • Durable & Reusable 
  • Lightweight (.25 Oz)
  • Battery Replaceable 
  • Ultra Bright
  • Ultra Convenient  
  • 12 Hr Battery Life

A red light is primarily used in albergues after lights out so as not to disturb or wake up your sleeping neighbor as you head to the bathroom, read your guidebook, or head out the door in the early morning before the rush! They are great for that last sweep before leaving, making sure you left nothing behind. 

I have also used mine to navigate outside of small villages before sunrise and to signal friends from a distance. The on/off switch is also great to have on and clipped to your backpack if you are hiking in the dark along a road. 

The Albergue Micro Bunk Light is Tiny, Lightweight and Super Useful ,it really makes sense to keep one on you whether you ever use it or not!

How To Use: Gently pinch the middle of the keychain flashlight (Shell Toucher Logo) to activate instant red light. For Continuous Option: Slide the tiny On/Off Switch up or down to turn on or off. Located on opposite, non logo side.

Dimensions: 1.5" x .80"

Approx. Wt. 7.8 Grams. /.29 Oz (with attached keychain)