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Shell Toucher Packable Pro Spiky Massage Ball | Daily Camino Recovery Tool

Ah The Spiky Ball! Easily my secret weapon while on the Camino and another recovery aid that made me pretty popular at the alburgues!

If I was to only pack one form of self care item THIS would be it! Of course when used in combination with our massage roller stick the results are most favorable...but again, if you are traveling ultra light and have a little more time and are willing to take it, the Spikey Ball will serve you well!

  • The Spiky massage ball is an excellent tool for plantar fasciitis.
  • Spiky outer layer offers stimulating effect that promotes blood circulation.
  • Constructed to provide just the right amount of elasticity, that is perfect for use at the end of your long day on the trail.
  • Whether you are looking to relieve muscle soreness, plantar fasciitis, or do some pre or post-exercise trigger pointing, the Spiky ball is designed to deliver optimum results.

Exercise 1: Center Foot

In a seated position, place the spiky ball beneath your foot, keeping it central,
move the ball back and forth, from one end to another by rolling your foot over it. Be sure to cover the whole length of the foot. Use your forearm on your knee to apply added pressure to your foot on the ball if needed. Really dig into it!

Exercise 2: The Ball Of The Foot

Move the Spiky to just behind the inside of the ball of your foot. The Spiky should be sitting just at the base of your big toe. Massage this area with small and controlled rotations or go back and forth. Begin with lighter pressure in this area, and they may be all that it needs.

Exercise 3: Front Of The Heel

Move the ball back to the inside of the arch and massage the ball with controlled circular motions to hit the inside of the foot arch. 

The Spiky may be used on the neck. back, legs, etc. Get creative with it!