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Shell Toucher Day Tripper Sling Bag | Your Best Friend Off The Trail! | 2.25 L Unisex

Type: travel bag

Meet The Shell Toucher Day Tripper Sling! This piece of gear is designed for those who fell in love with our Original All-Weather Camino Sling Bag! Same great features just designed for off trail, around town usage instead! Perfect for your your daily life, just not as ruggedly designed as our trail rated version.

Keep your frequently handled things conveniently close at hand all throughout your day! Loaded with features you will immediately appreciate:
  • Lightweight & Packable 
  • Anti-Theft Design
  • Charger Cord On Deck Port
  • Change Purse Pocket For Easy Access
  • Paperback or Tablet Pocket
  • Convenient Rain Flaps
  • Stylish Nylon Ripstop Material
  • Headlight Reflective Shell Emblem
  • Hydration Tube Loops
  • Sunglasses Loops 
  • Quick Release Swivel Buckle
  • Smartphone Pocket
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap

A Deeper Dive Into The Features

A Smartphone pocket conveniently within reach and at the perfect location for listening to Spanish Lessons, Podcasts, Audiobooks or Music with or without Earphones! And if it happens to rain, there is an easy access water resistant rain flap tucked in there too!

Charge Your Electronics On The Go

I included a charger cord port in the wall of the phone pocket, and battery stealth pocket on the inside wall of the larger pocket so you can effortlessly charge your phone while on the go! You just need to provide the battery and cord. I recommend The Nimble Champ. [It easily lasted for 4 full charges!]

Even The Subtlest Bothers Got My Attention 

I also chose magnetic button clasps for easy one hand operation. After a few different prototypes (velcro, snaps, twist clasps) I found the magnetic button clasps the best and simplest to operate. You may not notice them but you would if i didn't include them, trust me! (and thank me later!)

The Paperback / Tablet Pocket

Heading to the park or coffeeshop to read? Just tuck that book into our Day Tripper Sling and you're golden! And just like the smartphone pocket, we have also hidden a water resistant rain flap in it to keep things protected when needed!

Change At Your Fingertips 

Directly below the Paperback/Tablet pocket you will find a quick change pocket. No more fumbling around for coins at the cafe or parking meter! 

Loop Zip Up Pockets

Then there are the two more large, secure zipper pockets for the basics; Battery, Cord,  Earphones, Trekking pole tips, Pen, wallet, Small First Aid Kit, Lip Balm, body glide, etc. I emphasize "Zip Up" because when experimenting with an earlier design I assumed zipping down made more sense...this was not the case and kind of a pain. With the zip up lay out you are less likely to lose stuff or accidentally drop random things everytime you unzip the pocket. Again, I really spent time with this design to the point of possibly overthinking it! 

The Shoulder Strap

The sling strap is adjustable for nearly any height and includes a quick release swivel clip. You will also find two auxiliary loops on the strap for sunglasses, clips, carabiners or Hydration tubes. I also had the strap stitched in a triangular pattern making it easier to fold up when packing it.

Quick Release Swivel Buckle (putting the buckle in swashbuckling!)

Back to Indiana Jones; remember that scene at the end of The Last Crusade when Indy is caught by his strap on the gun of that menacing German tank? If you find yourself in a similar experience you'll have an easy way out, just a push of the button! Again, I really may have over thought this but better safe than sorry!

Be Safely Seen On At Night 

Completing this ultimate piece of gear is a reflective Scallop Shell emblem for added safety at night and early morning hiking. It also functions as a quick identifier that you are a pilgrim, in case there was any doubt. ;)
The Day Tripper offers the same great features but not designed for the same kind of special abuse the camino throws at you day by day! If you like our Original Design, consider the Day Tripper for when you get home! Believe me, it's really tough to give up using this thing after you return from Spain!

Buen Camino & Thanks For Your Support! (It really means a lot!) 

Weight: Approx. 6.30 Ounces  (179 Grams) - 2.25 Liters