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Weary Pilgrim Lightweight M1 Stick Massager | Daily Camino Recovery Tool | Available in 2 Colors

Color - Orange

Sadly, there really are no hot tubs or massage therapists waiting for you at the end of each day, self care as the name suggests, is really up to you. I know, wa wa wa, right? (But a weary pilgrim can dream, no?)

Training for the camino I spent much time at the end of the day experimenting with different science based recovery tools from supplements to Korean massage devices, to raising my feet after the hike, to super effective muscle rolling! Out of all, I truly felt the most immediate benefit from the roller! If we are being honest here, I got a little nuts with it, I even experimented with it in the shower! That didn’t bode so well for the steel rod and bearings on the inside of the gadget. Not a big deal, I mean, would I really be using this in the same way on the trail? That’s right, I planned on bringing it along, it was that much of a game changer! I audibly purr like a kitten while I roll out the knots in my calfs! #NoJoke

It would just need to be lighter and waterproof while not losing any backbone. So I worked on finding an all plastic model! Which I thought may also be TSA friendlier, and it was! As you might imagine, the Weary Pilgrim Stick Massager made me quite popular in the alburges. I kid you not, folks would crowd around me mouths agape as I meticulously rolled out my legs at the end of each hike. Slowly it would make its way around the room.

Ultra light hikers may scoff at me but I firmly believe it’s worth packing the things that will keep your most important assets in tip top shape! Also, it really doesn’t take up much space packed upright in your pack or strapped on the outside. At the very least, it's good to have at the end of your training hikes as you prep for your trip!

  • Relieves Sore Muscles After Hike
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Warms up Pre-workout Muscles Too!
  • Semi-flexible spindle design that contours around muscles for greater coverage
  • Ability to Target Deep Muscle & Tissue
  • Large enough to be effective, small enough for travel
  • Packable & Lightweight
  • All Plastic Design TSA Friendly 

Why Rolling Rocks?

Rolling your muscles before, during and after a long day on the Camino can help improve blood flow and that's what carries oxygen throughout your body. As you can imagine, getting enough oxygen to your muscles is vital to performance. Other possible benefits include: Better Flexibility, Circulation, Sleep Improvement, Energy Conservation, Fewer Injuries, Aids in Muscle Growth and Repair, Lactic Acid Removal, Breaks Down Soft Tissue Adhesion, and soooo much more. But don’t take my word for it, Google is your friend!

Specs: Length 17". Width at widest point 1.50", Approx Weight: 260 Grams