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Shell Toucher All Weather Camino Sling Bag | Your Best Friend On The Trail! | Available In 2 Colors! |2.25 L Unisex

Type: travel bag
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WWIJU or What Would Indiana Jones Use if he were a Pilgrim? Not a "bum bag" or "fanny pack" I can say with certainty. No sir/ma'am, he'd be swinging a Shell Toucher All Weather Sling Bag, the first ever trail rated and trail ready hiking sling bag on the market! 

Keep your frequently handled things conveniently close at hand, safe and dry as a bone while you wander the way! Loaded with features any peregrino or peregrina will immediately appreciate: 
  • Camino Tested/ Camino Inspired
  • To Be Worn In Conjunction w/ Backpack (see photos)
  • Ultra Water Resistant
  • Lightweight & Packable 
  • Anti-Theft Design
  • Charger Cord On Deck Port
  • Change Purse Pocket For Easy Access
  • Guidebook/Passport Pocket
  • Convenient Rain Flaps
  • Durable Nylon Ripstop Material
  • Headlight Reflective Shell Emblem
  • Hydration Tube Loops
  • Sunglasses Loops 
  • Quick Release Swivel Buckle
  • Smartphone Pocket
  • Designed to be worn with Backpack
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Like many, I had to cancel my first Camino only a couple weeks before the Covid 19 lockdowns hit. At the time this came as a huge let down but in reality, it was actually the best thing that could have happened to me. Meaning it gave me much more time to train and essentially look for and test out the gear I would be using. 

One thing became super clear super fast, no one was offering a serious, reliable, hiking quality sling bag; Something durable and made out of the same heavy-duty ripstop material that all modern outdoor gear is constructed. Again, I am not a fan of the fanny pack, I find them uncomfortable especially when using the waist belts on my backpack, which already often have pockets attached, be them hard to really access. Over the years I found messenger or sling bags to be the best answer when used in combination with a backpack, however they never really seemed built to withstand the daily wear and tear of any trail. I just assumed one of the big pack companies would offer something to fit this need, seemed like a no brainer!

I was willing to pay top dollar but alas, Nothing. It would seem, sling bags are still in their infancy and up until now are really for casual affair; pretty and funky looking but poor in construction when it came to a long hike through the unpredictable elements, especially something like the Camino De Santiago! Needless to say, the bag I bought online and brought with me on my first trip performed badly and left me wanting more. It also provided me with hrs of fantasizing how I could design a better bag, with the pilgrims daily trials and tribulations in mind. 

A Deeper Dive Into The Features

A Smartphone pocket conveniently within reach and at the perfect location for listening to Spanish Lessons, Podcasts, Audiobooks or Music with or without Earphones! And if it happens to rain, there is an easy access rain flap tucked in there too!

Charge Your Electronics On The Go

As a pilgrim it's not always easy to charge your phone daily. Either the wall outlets are all being used or located in another room altogether where you may not feel comfortable charging it out of your sight...and rightly so. In such cases I was much more at ease opting to charge a portable battery cell that I could use later on the road and not worry about if it got swiped! So with this in mind, I included a charger cord port in the wall of the phone pocket, and battery stealth pocket on the wall of the larger pocket so you can effortlessly charge your phone while walking! You just need to provide the battery and cord. I recommend The Nimble Champ. [It easily lasted for 4 full charges!]

Even The Subtlest Bothers Got My Attention 

I also chose magnetic button clasps for easy one hand operation. Believe it or not, with trekking poles in hand or your phone or your pilgrim passport, etc, you are often left fiddling with one hand...the struggle is real. At least this was my experience, and after a few different prototypes (velcro, snaps, twist clasps) found the magnetic button clasps the best and simplest to operate in such conditions. You may not notice them but you would if i didn't include them, trust me! (and thank me later!)

The Guidebook Carrier Must

Also included in the design is an ultra, easy access Guidebook & Passport pocket! Designed to fit all the the popular Camino Guides a Peregrino is likely to use, and even fits an Ipad mini if you are more of a digital nomad! And just like the smartphone pocket, we have also hidden a rain flap in it to keep things dry when needed!
On my last trip I would keep my Moon Guidebook, passport and credentials in this pocket due to the frequency I would be reaching for these items; collecting stamps, checking in, consulting the book, etc. No need to dig around for these items anymore or put off flipping through the guide at a crucial point of interest all because you couldn't be bothered to dig through your backpack!

Change At Your Fingertips 

Directly below the Guidebook pocket you will find a quick change pocket. No more fumbling around for coins at the cafe or albergue! Note: You may want to add a Path Of Chance Coin for all those tough decisions from the drop down!

Loop Zip Up Pockets

Then there are the two more large, secure zipper pockets for the basics; Battery, Cord,  Earphones, Trekking pole tips, Pen, wallet, Small First Aid Kit, Lip Balm, body glide, etc. I emphasize "Zip Up" because when experimenting with an earlier design I assumed zipping down made more sense...this was not the case and kind of a pain. With the zip up lay out you are less likely to lose stuff or accidentally drop random things everytime you unzip the pocket. Again, I really spent time with this design to the point of possibly overthinking it! 

The Shoulder Strap

The sling strap is adjustable for nearly any height and includes a quick release swivel clip. You will also find two auxiliary loops on the strap for sunglasses, clips, carabiners or Hydration tubes. I also had the strap stitched in a triangular pattern making it easier to fold up when packing it.

Quick Release Swivel Buckle (putting the buckle in swashbuckling!)

Back to Indiana Jones; remember that scene at the end of The Last Crusade when Indy is caught by his strap on the gun of that menacing German tank? If you find yourself in a similar experience you'll have an easy way out, just a push of the button! Again, I really may have over thought this but better safe than sorry!

Be Safely Seen On The Scene

Completing this ultimate piece of Camino gear is a reflective Scallop Shell emblem for added safety at night and early morning hiking. It also functions as a quick identifier that you are a pilgrim, in case there was any doubt. ;)

Your Best Mate While Training For Your Trip

Our Shell Toucher All Weather Camino Sling bag also doubles as a hydration bag for cycling or training hikes! Though designed with the Camino in mind you will find our unique sling bag to be very versatile! Fits Up To 8 oz Nalgene Bottle! [See Photo]

More Of The Origin Story

My first camino was such an EPIC experience; The new friends, the history and the quiet, contemplative time alone. While I like many, quickly became part of a group, I also spent many hours alone on the way. In that time I would identify issues with my gear and fantasize how I could do it better; What would I do differently if I had any say in the design? Again, I did have a sling bag with me but the design was poor and the material even poorer.

At first these critiques really were just an innocent reverie, a game I would play in order to pass the time, but soon I realized if I took it serious, I really could offer something different, something better. While it seems everyone and their mother have given us books, podcasts, guides and forums...I thought maybe I could offer something else altogether. That is, if folks really wanted it.

When I made it back home part of my readjustment period was realizing my first prototype. Prototype after prototype I tested them all on my daily hikes in the Arizona desert, rain or shine. By redesign 12 I was pretty satisfied! The next test would be returning to the camino and seeing how it faired on its maiden voyage, and faired she did, quite well in fact. Not to mention the feedback from other pilgrims was priceless! Everyone was asking for my card, which, like a goof, I did not have yet.

All this said, I could not have been more proud of this product! In fact, it was such a great, convenient lay out I created one for back home too, I call it the Day Tripper Shell Toucher Sling Bag. The Day Tripper offers the same great features but not designed for the same kind of special abuse the camino throws at you day by day! If you like our Original Design, consider the Day Tripper for when you get home! Believe me, it's really tough to give up using this thing after you return from Spain!

Buen Camino & Thanks For Your Support! (It really means a lot!)

Weight: Approx. 6.30 Ounces (179 Grams) - 2.25 Liter Capacity