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Little Stinko Peregrino Backpack Air freshener & Oil Diffuser | Stainless Steel CNC Machined


Choose Your Scent From Drop Down!

Let's be honest folks, though the Botafumeiro has been a top pilgrim attraction for over a thousand years, the true motivation behind this wonder was to mask the um, how can I put this... gamey peregrino effluvium or in layman's terms; rank body odor

This is not to say it's still used for this purpose and hasn't morphed into something a little more lofty and righteous...because we smell so much better these days after hiking all the day. Yup, it's a totally different world now. #sarcasm

Lol, so with all this in mind I thought it might be smart to create a sort of onboard air freshener to clip to the outside of a backpack. Just add a few drops of essential oil everyday (or every other day) and your only offense may be smelling awesome! Some might consider this an act of vanity, I look as it as an act of genuine consideration!

Of course this still doesn't mean you should skip your showers! ;)

Instructions: Simply add 5-10 drops to the felt pad, unscrew back and insert into casing and clip to backpack. Use as much or as little fragrance as you desire but begin with just a few drops to test the strength.  

Diameter: 30 mm

Wt: 22 Grams

Includes 2 Diffuser Felts (red & blue)

Scent Oil Of Your Choice