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Shell Toucher Sweet Dreams Sleeping Mask & Ear Plug Kit | Promotes Restorative Sleep | Made From Eco Friendly Ice Silk

Color - Cranberry

I love this design!

Unlike your traditional sleeping mask, The Shell Toucher Sweet Dreams Sleeping Mask doesn't hook over your ears, but is worn over them. This ensures those pesky little foam earplugs stay put even if they go loose the band adds another sound insulating layer.

Another tweak when compared to masks of yore is that these are constructed of 3D Memory Foam that is contoured so as not to apply any pressure to the eyes! By this point you are probably wondering what Ice Silk is, and I don't blame you, the name is pretty sensational, no? 

Ice silk is a plant fiber that is air permeable and very compatible with human skin. Read: Breathable. Ice silk also has anti-ultraviolet and anti-static properties, the fabric does not easily generate static electricity even in dry winter conditions, so it seemed the natural choice for a sleeping mask that will be in constant contact with hair. 

Lastly, there's an adjustable strap, so it will always be as snug as you need it to be! 

Simple & Effective = A Soundless, Lightless, Undisturbed & Restorative Slumber Awaits You! Sweet Dreams!

Kit Includes one Sleeping mask, and two foam earplugs with case