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Shell Toucher Multi Use Moisture-Wicking Trail Neckerchief | Available in 5 Colors!

Color - Red

There really is no other gear that offers as many uses as the classic Neckerchief or Bandana, aside from a Swiss Army Knife of course...and arguably, this simple piece of paisley cloth may still even offer more!

That said, I always have a few in my pack, tied to my pack, around my neck or all three!

Note: Historically these were made of silk or cotton but I find the more modern synthetics faster drying in Camino conditions!

A Few Uses: 

1) Stay Cool. Sure, you will definitely look cool but that's not what we are aiming for here, I'm talking about cooling off! Even in the spring on the Camino it starts to heat up around 11 am so what's a peregrino to do? Well, soak it in the next fountain you find along the trail, wring it out lightly then tie it around your neck! Pro Tip: I have also asked for ice at cafes and wrapped a few cubes in it then tied it around my neck! This works especially well and keeps you cool for a couple of hours! After, clip or tie to your pack to allow for it to dry.

2) First Aid. Believe it or not nosebleeds are common on the Camino for whatever reason. Seriously. Some unaware ultra light hikers often will not pack whatever they consider to be "Extra" and suffer these consequences. In fact, one of my good friends was caught off guard by this phenomenon while she was in the middle of nowhere. All she could do was pinch her nose while the red ran down her face, hands and wrists. Just one bandana would have solved this with minimal drama! In the worse case, it may also be used as a tourniquet, sling or bandage! Never leave home without at least one!

3) Drying off. Yes you will sweat and often that will feel great in a cool breeze, other times not so much...especially as dust likes to stick to it! A few swipes of your handy neckerchief and your all good. Oh and since I brought up dust, they also make for a great facemask too!

4) UV Sun Protection. If you have at least two on hand you can tie them lengthwise, corner to corner around your reddening arms. Or tuck an end under your hat and allow for it to cover your neck like a French Foreign Legionnaire. Dampening it too in this situation makes it double effective!

5) Napkin or Tissue. For the more Eco Minded, a bandana also makes for a great handkerchief or napkin!

6) Small Picnic Cloth. Yup, you'll be taking more than a few picnics while you hike the trail. Though not large enough to both sit on and eat off it can be used for one or the other...unless you pack more than one!

7) Headband or Hair Wrap. This is probably self explanatory but worth mentioning, a neckerchief really can come in handy on a hot or windy day when your hair is out of control! It can also be soaked and wrapped around your head in order to create evaporative cooling! 

8) An Oven Mitt. Yep, if you are cooking on the trail or maybe renting a Air BnB with some friends, sometimes they are just not fully equiped, especially with oven me!

9) Gaiters. This is an old hiking trick for sure. If you find yourself constantly having to take off your shoes to empty out pebbles, consider tying a bandana over each shin, corner to corner. This trick has come in handy many times for many peregrinos!

10) Many, Many More Uses! Please let me know your own tips and tricks that you discover when it comes to carrying a neckerchief!

So yeah, ALWAYS Carry At Least One Neckerchief Or Wear One Everyday On The Trail and NEVER BE CAUGHT OFF GUARD! 

Listing For One Neckerchief/Bandana

Size: 21.65" x 21.65"

Material: 100%Polyester, Yarn-dyed Technology, European Standard

Weight: 20 Grams