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Shell Toucher Trekking Pole Training Weights | Take Your Training To The Next Level!


Fits All Trekking Poles!

If you have been exploring our site you may have guessed by now I'm big into training and recovery when it comes to preparing for my Caminos. My thinking is, the better shape i'm in and higher level of fitness I attain makes for less pain and stress when I am on the trail. Thus making it much more enjoyable!

First Of Its Kind!

While some of the advice I read in the online groups is wonderful and positive, some is just downright defeatist in nature. For these folks, the only prep they do is "break in" their shoes on one or two hikes before they leave. They are the same folks that shoot down advice on cross training or even using an exercise bike. "You're not gonna bike the camino!" They say. I never understood this logic. Remember Rocky for example, even a boxer will cross train to get in shape. 

These are also the first people the Camino has her way within the first week or two. You see them limping, huffing and puffing, treating blisters, taking taxis, sending half their pack home, and sometimes even cancelling the rest of their trip. 

I am here to give everyone permission if you will, to train; Bike, Hike, Rollerskate, Cross Country Ski, Snowshoe, Rock Climb, Strength Train or whatever gets you sweating. It can all only help in your effort to hike across Spain! #HikeStrong

Becoming A Lean, Mean, Pilgriming Machine

For me, I did a lot of the above regularly especially in regard to my daily training hike carrying sometimes up to 45Lb in my backpack. This is called rucking and all the kids are doing it these days! Note: I am not asking you to carry that much at all however, in fact start small.

I recommend packing your pack with everything you will be taking with you and an extra 5 to 10 pounds. You can then slowly increase it if you want or just stick with that. This way no matter what, your final pack will always feel lighter than what you trained with making you stronger and lighter on your feet! Pro Tip: Using water bottles to add or drop weight is an effective strategy as well. If some days it feels too heavy, just empty out a bottle or two.

TPT Weights Origin 

Being a little extreme I would take this method a step further and practice with heavier trekking poles than the ones I would be using on the Camino, for the same reasons one would Ruck. If you have ever observed someone walking on the side of the road with dumbbells or those shake weights, it's practically the same principle and mechanics. 

Before I developed these weights my prototype was made from plastic wrap and BB's. I looked like a lunatic and could see this in the faces of all who I passed but I kept with it, especially when I noticed my speed, balance and endurance improving. It was clear I was onto something. 

So What Are Trekking Pole Weights?

Imagine if you will ankle weights for hiking sticks. Each is approximately 4 ounces and wraps around the pole then clasps tightly with velcro. I have used up to two on each pole at a time (8 ounces). This meant I no longer needed to train with heavier poles but I could use the actual sticks I would be using in Spain! This gave me a chance to break them in, get a feel for them and maybe even get calluses in all the right places beforehand, killing more than a few birds with one stone!

By the time I got on the Camino I was a machine! Hills, no problem. Distance, piece of tortilla . And I felt great too. Adding weights to your training pack and sticks also adds intensity to the workout which is a terrific hack when you don't have the time to hike a few miles a day. Heck, done right you can make 1 mile feel like 4 and work you just as hard! 

Train Hard Now & Walk With Ease Later, All The Way To Santiago Smiling!

Directions: Wrap Around Top and/or Middle Section of trekking poles. See photos. Hike as usual. Activates even more upper body muscles than using sticks alone!

Includes Two Shell Toucher Trekking Pole Weights

Approx Weight Per Weight: 4 Oz

Open Dimensions: 4" x 5.5"

Rolled Up Dimensions: Approx 1" x 4"

Material: Neoprene, Velcro, Steel Shot