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Free Shell Toucher Night Light Screen/Wallpaper | Super Hack

Free Shell Toucher Night Light Screen/Wallpaper | Super Hack

Here is a Super Hack I came up with inspired by the red light on my Apple Ultra Watch! 

Having access to a red lamp is worth it's weight in gold especially on those early mornings trying to get out the door of the albergues! And although having the light available on your watch is well, ULTRA convenient, the angle was a tad weird at times soooooo I had the bright idea (sorry) of converting my Iphone Lock Screen into a Red Night Light!

Truly a super simple, effective solution for all! Oh and the best part, I already did all the heavy lifting, just right click and save the wallpaper below and install it on your phone as wallpaper/lockscreen. Then, at night just open your phone and BOOM, Red Light! (Just adjust the brightness as needed and then find the bathroom without the rest of us up!)

Also note, you can even set this Red Lock Screen to Focus setting (on Iphone) and have it automatically change to this night light at a specific hour! Buen Camino!