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The Original Shell Toucher Pith Helmet | UPF 50+ Sun Protection | The Perfect Pilgrim Headwear!

Type: hats
Color - Green

The Perfect Pilgrim Travel Hat For Men & Women! 

The "Shell Toucher" is something of a signature piece of mine having worn them for almost a decade now under the hot, unforgiving Arizona sun! Honestly it boggles my mind when I see the folks around here opting to wear a heavy, hot, felt cowboy hat when the pith design is far superior and cooler! That's why it was the first thing on my Camino packing list, and should be the first thing on yours too!

To start, I should clarify that The Shell Toucher is not a Pith Hat in the traditional sense but a much lighter weight, more breathable incarnation of the classic adventurer's hat of choice. However it still shares much of its grandpappy's DNA. The most obvious is the sturdy, aerodynamic shape, and second is the adjustable inner harness!

This unique inner band is key to the design and what keeps your head so cool as it allows for efficient air circulation by not creating a seal like any other hat. This is especially important as you hike all day working up a sweat in the ever alternating micro climates of Spain. This feature alone really sets the Shell Toucher apart from modern travel sun hats.

You will also find a Terry cloth sponge attached to the harness which in turn makes contact with the forehead. When dry, this makes for a great sweat absorber however the real magic happens when you wet it with cold water! During the course of the day your body heat naturally triggers an evaporative cooling effect within the sponge and BOOM,  air conditioned!  

Another great characteristic is the wide woven brim which offers a generous amount of shade and all-day sun protection. Oh and I should also point out, though built from Toyo Straw and resin it really is quite durable and for the most part 100% waterproof. You see, Toyo straw is the intelligent alternative to natural material made from cellulose. This results in particularly tear-resistant fibers of flexible quality, which are carefully woven into fashionable spring/summer headgear. They offer carefree protection from the sun and remain largely unaffected by a rain shower! Win!

Other exclusive features you will find are the high quality brass eyelet vents on each side of the crown, giving it a classy, timeless look while at the same time adding to the breathability of the modern design. And finally, the decorative vegan leather band across the front brim is stamped with our familiar Shell Toucher logo making it complete! Note: Everytime you tip your hat you'll be touching that shell! (It all makes sense now, no?)

Consider adding on a Lightweight Clip On Chin Strap too from the Drop Down. Perfect in heavy wind conditions!

All this and the recognizable silhouette you'll make on the horizon will really make a lasting impression. I can't count how many times I was called Indiana Jones. Which I never quite understood considering he wore a fedora, but hey I'll take it!

There's A Reason This Design Has Been Worn By Travelers & Adventurers Alike For Almost 200 Years, Time You Find Out!